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Our Home in Guatemala

Since 1996, OUR LITTLE BROTHERS AND SISTERS is running a children’s village in Guatemala. 553 children live there in a big community with volunteer helpers from all over the world. Part of the children’s village is equipped with a solar powered hot water system. The children and adolescents assume responsibility by regularly watering and harvesting the home’s orchards and vegetable fields.

Why your support is so important:

  • More than half of the population lives below the poverty line
  • 18% of the children are malnourished
  • Almost every third person can not read and write*

Above all, the Maya – the original population of Guatemala – have much less access to social services and to the educational system, although they form the majority of the population. Child labor is common, mainly in rural areas.

*Source: World Bank

Our facilities and programs:

  • Facilities at the children’s village „Casa San Andrés“:
    • HOUSES – Houses for babies, girls and boys, employees and volunteers
    • CASTILLO MÁGICO - House for disabled children
    • CLINIC – Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and dental treatment
    • AGRICULTURE – Fruit- and vegetable-growing, breeding of chicken and pigs
    • MONTESSORI PROGRAM – Kinder garden and preschool
    • VOCACIONAL WORKSHOPS – Bakery, carpenter’s shop, sewing, metal shop and beauty parlor (certified by the Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce INTECAP)
  • Facilities in Chimaltenango:
    • CASA SANTA TERESITA – Dormitories for male high school and university students
    • CASA SAN BERNARDO - Dormitories for female high school and university students
  • Special programs:
    • BRIONES AGRICULTURAL PROJECT – Greenhouse project established by Mr. and Mrs. Briones; both are agricultural engineers from Spain
    • VOCACIONAL TRAINING CENTER – has been opened to external students upon a „recommendation“ of the Guatemalan government and is now officially called “Institution for vocational training with boarding-school”

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